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Athlete with TIY hair style

Being an athlete means focus and discipline are part of daily life. Whether it’s time for a workout, a practice session or a fierce game, hair distractions have no place in sports. That’s why TIY spent two years developing and testing the best hair ties for athletes. 

Own your power and let your strength shine with custom hair ties for any hair type, length and texture. The concept behind TIY hair ties is simple — cut your hair tie to the perfect length for your style, then tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie and lock that mane in place, no matter what. Ready to browse our vibrant color options? Shop TIY BASIC or TIY PRO now.

Sporty Hairstyles

Sports hairstyles need to be functional before all else, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Match our color options to your team uniform or create your own signature look to stand out from the rest. Those with short hair can benefit from a custom TIY hair tie headband, while a hair tie bracelet means you’ll always be ready for action.     

Athlete Hairstyles

It’s no secret that athlete hairstyles need to withstand intense conditions without budging. Whatever your hair type, there are plenty of great options to keep those tresses out of your eyes and out of your mind. TIY hair ties are manufactured with a high-quality elastomer core. That means our hair ties provide maximum hold without stretching out or damaging your hair.

The TIY Tribe is an international community of athletes, go-getters and active personalities. We’re proud to provide a space where great sportsmanship can shine and our members are passionate about celebrating one another. Join the tribe for tips, style inspiration and athletic hair ideas from global sports professionals and everyday heroes alike. 

Best Sporty Hairstyles for Your Workout

When it’s time to hit the gym or get going on the field, a functional hairstyle is where it’s at. Check out a few of our favorite go-to sporty hairstyles:

    • The High Ponytail — This style is great for keeping medium to long hair at bay.
    • Box Braids — This gorgeous style is versatile, effective and works beautifully for textured hair. 
    • The Classic Bun — Long favored by ballerinas and figure skaters, the classic chic bun is neat and perfect for a distraction-free, minimalist look. 
  • A Long French Braid — Braiding hair from the top of your head and down against your scalp is a great way to capture shorter layers
  • Athletic Hair Ideas: TIY Hair Ties

    Athletes from all areas of sports rely on TIY hair ties to help them deliver peak performances on and off the field. With so many incredible female athletes in the spotlight this year, we’re keeping an eye on these TIY ambassadors:

    Lara Dallman–Weiss

    Pro sailor Lara Dallman-Weis uses TIY custom hair ties to help tame her hair in wet, humid sailing conditions. A high ponytail or bun secured with TIY helps Lara stay focussed when she’s on the water. Check out Lara’s hair journey with TIY here

    Chiaka Ogbogu 

    Chiaka Ogbogu

    Chiaka Ogbogu is a professional volleyball star we can’t get enough of. After falling in love with our bright color options, Chiaka started using TIY hair ties and hasn’t looked back since. With the ability to custom-size our products, Chiaka rocks gorgeous braids on the court and loves the way she doesn’t have to worry about her hairstyle falling out. With TIY, broken hair ties, tension headaches and hair damage are a thing of the past.

    Kerri Walsh-Jennings

    Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a pro beach volleyball player.  Kerri talks about the ups and downs of hair authenticity and how TIY hair ties help tame her tresses in this interview with TIY CEO Andrea Nucete-Eliot.

    TIY: The Best Hair Ties for Athletes    

    The TIY team consists of pro sports enthusiasts who understand the challenges of hair care in demanding settings. Our hair ties are soft, versatile and durable. Follow us on Instagram to see who’s rocking TIY in our #spottheknot hashtag. You can also join us on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel for hair tips and style inspiration from our amazing ambassadors. Shop TIY Hair Ties now and don’t forget to check out our new colorway: TIY Wine O’Clock.

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