White Hair Ties: Snowflake TIY

snowflake TIY white hair ties

White represents peace, purity and illumination. Untouched by any other color, this timeless, elegant hue comes to life in our TIY Snowflake colorway

From monochromatic ensembles to getting your hair accessory game on point, there are plenty of ways to incorporate white into your style. Read on to discover our favorite tips for using our custom white hair ties to get in the summer mindset this season. 

White Hair Tie

Nothing evokes a blank slate or the simplicity of a fresh start quite like white. Use white hair ties as a delicate hair accessory to evoke the subtle yet powerful beauty of white blossoms or to become the stunning white rose in a field of dark hues. 

Our high-performance white hair ties can blend in with your overall look or stand out as an eye-catching accent — the choice is yours. Check out our blogs on hairstyles for every hair texture or ways to rock a ponytail for hairstyle inspiration from the pros.  

Fashion Hair Ties

Fashion is all about the finer points of style. Just inspect any celeb’s red carpet look, and you’re sure to find small, subtle additions that WOW audiences and turn heads. Perfect your outfit with elegant finishing details like fashion hair ties from TIY. While we love our all white custom hair ties, we have a whole range of vibrant colors available to help tie together your summer attire like it’s nobody’s business.    

Female Fashion: All-White Looks

All-white outfits are synonymous with luxury, elegance and the soul of hot summer days. Exude confidence and stay chic with all-white wardrobe options this season. White clothing stands out in the crowd, helps you stay (and look) cool and compliments sun-kissed skin beautifully. 

Those with pale complexions can opt for white shades featuring yellow undertones. This variety of white will add warmth and keep your outfit from making you look washed out. White hues with pink undertones compliment olive complexions beautifully, while medium skin tones look great with creamy whites like ivory. Dark complexions look stunning against any shade of white and our white hair ties juxtapose beautifully against dark, textured hair types.

If you’re not ready to go all-in on all-white fashion this summer, you can still dip your toes into the trend — the water’s just fine! This classic neutral contrasts beautifully against black and other dark, solid colors for a bold, dramatic effect. Try pairing a crisp white button-down or loose-fitting white tee with black pants or solid, dark accessories like handbags, hats and sunglasses for a dramatic two-tone look. These summer basics are familiar, easy to dress up or down and never out of style. Perfect your ensemble with a TIY Snowflake custom white hair tie and hit the town. 

Hair Tie Fashion

Hair tie fashion doesn’t need to end with the perfect ponytail, messy bun or braids that mean business. A custom hair tie headband or a DIY hair tie bracelet can set your look apart with accessories that are unique, stylish and functional. White hair tie fashion accessories can fit in seamlessly with an all-white look or hold their own as an accent color against dark tresses. 

Our TIY white hair ties are fully customizable. That means you can cut our hair ties to the perfect length to suit your style. Designed for athletes to help eliminate hair distractions on the field, TIY hair ties are perfect for active lifestyles. Made with a high-quality elastomer core and tested in the most intense sporting conditions for two years, our hair ties can handle anything.

TIY hair ties are available in two options: TIY Basic and TIY Pro. TIY Basic is 36 inches long and can make as many as six individual hair ties, while TIY Pro is 41 inches in length and arrives in a compact case with a handy hair tie cutter built in for custom sizing on the go.

The TIY community is built around unwavering support, kindness and team spirit. Our TIY Tribe consists of pro athletes, amazing Olympians and style icons alike — and it’s always growing! To join the movement, follow us on Instagram or check out our YouTube channel for hair tips, style inspiration and support from some of the brightest, boldest individuals around.

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