2021 News Roundup & Gratitude Celebration

2021 News Roundup & Gratitude Celebration

It’s been a YEAR. As 2021 draws to a close, the team at TIY has so much to reflect on and find gratitude for. This year, our amazing community grew so much larger, took on incredible challenges and found solidarity and support at every turn. We’re so proud to be on this journey with each and every one of you — and we LOVE the global space our TIY Tribe members have created for each other. 

As we forge a path into 2022, may all your ponytails be perky, may all your messy buns be effortlessly chic and may all your hair goals (and life goals!) become a reality. No matter what the new year brings, our custom hair ties are up for the challenge — just like YOU.

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TIY Custom Hair Ties: 2021 Highlights & Milestones

TIY kicked the year off by officially hitting 10,000 orders way back in February (eek!). We also blew past 13,000 followers on Instagram and introduced a vibrant collection of brand new hair tie colors we couldn’t be more proud of. 

In 2021, TIY hair ties made it all the way to the Olympic podium. We introduced our curated special packs containing hair tie color mixes — all carefully selected by our finest hair tie experts — and we learned that our community members were finding ways to use TIY hair ties that simply took our breath away. We loved learning how using TIY hair ties as a tether helps elite paratriathlete and endurance runner Ashley Eisenmenger stay connected to her sighted guides when she takes on track running.  

From receiving rave reviews on TIY hair products to attending our first-ever trade show at the The Running Event in December, this past year was all about growing, learning and creating meaningful partnerships. One of our favorite 2021 highlights came from teaming up with Olympic sailor Lara Dallman-Weiss to donate a portion of our December proceeds to Team Paradise, an amazing organization on a mission to make sailing accessible to all.

Hair Ties for Athletes: TIY Team Wins 2021 

It was the year of the female athlete. We watched with pure joy as our TIY Tribe members navigated a pandemic-era landscape, cleared all obstacles in their way and gave it their all, no matter what. 

The Tokyo Summer Olympics took place in 2021. The world’s largest sporting event, postponed for a full year due to COVID-19, was lauded as the most gender-balanced Games in history. 

Some of our favorite highlights of the year included providing hair ties for athletes at the pinnacle of their game. Three cheers to these incredible TIY Tribe members and Olympians who absolutely crushed it this year:

  • Ana Zolotic — Seventeen-year-old American taekwondo athlete Anastasija Zolotic dazzled the world with her drive and talent, winning gold at the Games.
  • Cat Osterman — Softball pitcher Cat Osterman took home silver from Tokyo in 2021. Three-time Olympic medal winner Cat is no stranger to great achievements, and we love being on her team. 
  • Lara Dallman-Weiss — Olympic sailor Lara has been a phenomenal TIY Tribe member, and we’re so grateful to have her in our orbit. After securing 12th place in the women’s 470 two-person dinghy event, Dallman-Weiss is already training for the 2024 Olympic Games. We can’t wait.
  • Chiaka OgboguChiaka Ogbogu is a force of nature on the volleyball court and a treasured TIY ambassador. In 2021, she helped Team USA secure a 3-0 victory in an Olympic gold medal match against Brazil. You can learn all about Chi’s hair journey with TIY here

New TIY Hair Tie Colors 

The TIY universe expanded in leaps and bounds in 2021. While our wonderful community grew across the globe, our custom hair tie color options became bolder, brighter and more diverse with each passing month. Check out some of our favorite TIY color drops of 2021 below.

  • Lilac Sunday — We kicked off 2021 with a dreamy new color addition, TIY Lilac Sunday. Soft, sweet and unique, this hue was a harbinger of all good things to come in the new year.
  • Orange Cake — A striking color with a soft touch, TIY Orange Cake hair ties define the meaning of signature style and grace.   
  • Mint Your Business — Fun, fresh and popping, mint hair ties can breathe new life into any look. TIY was honored to team up with pro athlete Colleen Quigley for one of our all-time favorite color launches: TIY Mint Your Business
  • Wine O’Clock — Smooth, warm and romantic, we’re still not over the deep maroon hues of TIY Wine O’Clock (or the way Chiaka Ogbogu rocked this color to help us launch it). 
  • Raspberry Beret — A sweet swirl of summer delight, TIY Raspberry Beret popped into our lives and brought style, fun and playful fashion right along with it. 
  • Green Queen — Feel free to unleash your inner forest queen with this deep emerald addition to the TIY color family. TIY Green Queen is rich, earthy and full of mystery.  
  • Cotton Candy — New color on the block TIY Cotton Candy was an instant hit. This romantic pastel pink colorway is light, dreamy and wispy, just like those late summer cotton candy sunsets.  
  • Blue Moon Blues — Moonlit and mysterious, TIY Blue Moon Blues is easy on the eyes, gentle on the soul and the perfect finishing detail you didn’t know you needed.

That’s a wrap on our 2021 new color launch roundup. Let us know your favorite color addition in the comments!

A Word of Gratitude from TIY

From conquering hair monsters to hearing all about our TIY Tribe’s inspiring hair journeys, we’re looking back on 2021 full of gratitude and pride. When we began our own journey, we set out to eliminate hair distractions in sports with the best custom hair ties on the planet. While staying true to that goal, TIY has grown beyond our wildest imaginations. 

We deeply cherish the relationships we formed this year — from creating meaningful partnerships with athletes we admire to those sweet moments when we could #spottheknot on everyday heroes, both online and in the real world. From the bottom of our hearts (and hair accessory bags), THANK YOU. 

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