Best Hair Ties for Running

TIY: The Best Hair Ties for Running

The only thing worse than a leg cramp 10 minutes into your run is stopping to fix a sagging ponytail before you even hit that first mile marker. A hairstyle that quits before you do can interrupt your flow in a major way, and it’s just downright annoying. Level up your personal best and look gosh darn good while you do it with the best hair ties for running: TIY custom hair ties.

That’s a bold statement, and we’re sticking to it. Here’s why: TIY hair ties were literally designed to hold up during high-impact activities (cough, cough — running, anyone?). Our custom hair ties are made with a powerful elastomer core that won’t stretch out or break, and TIY won’t damage your luscious locks, either. A TIY hair tie can be cut and tied to the perfect length for your hair, whichever signature style you rock.   

Best Hair Tie for Running Bun

Sometimes, we need the perfect ponytail to clock those miles. Other times, a braid is best. But what if we told you there was another option — a style you already know and love, but one that seems doomed to fall out if you attempt anything more strenuous than the laundry? Fear not, champions of classic buns, messy buns and man buns alike. With TIY custom-sizeable hair ties and their unique stretchiness, we’ve created the best hair tie for running bun hairstyles. 

Worried about your hair texture? We’ve got that covered, too. TIY hair ties are yours to make your own. You can craft one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair ties depending on your hair length and hair type. When you join our TIY Tribe, you’ll gain access to a global community of vibrant, active individuals sharing their best tips and tricks for managing all kinds of hair. Just check out this handy video on how to put curly hair in a bun in 30 seconds. We love to see it.

Best Hair Ties: Thick Hair + Running? It’s Possible with TIY

Thick hair carries a lot of weight, which makes locking your style in place for a morning running sesh akin to Mission: Impossible. Until now, that is. TIY hair ties can be tied into the ultimate hair-taming sidekick — the four-loop hair tie

If you need more style inspiration for thick hair of any length, check out our post explaining why TIY offers the best hair ties for thick hair.     

How to Tie Up Short Hair for Running

We love a good short style, whether it’s a close-cropped ‘do, an elegant pixie cut or a long bob. Short hair presents unique styling challenges, but if you know anything about TIY, you know we love a good challenge. 

Short hair can be tamed with a samurai ponytail — simply gather hair at the crown of the head and secure it. Hair closer to the nape of your neck likely won’t make it into the ponytail, but this style works well to keep longer strands out of your face, so you can keep your head in the game.

If your hair is too short to tie up at all, a custom hair tie headband can help keep things manageable (and super cute!). 

Headbands for Runners with Short Hair

Runners with short hair may struggle with longer strands that won’t quite make it into a ponytail. The great news is that our custom hair ties are still your best side-kick. With TIY, you can craft your very own, custom DIY hair tie headband using your favorite TIY color mixes. Hair tie headbands can also be used in combination with shorter styles, like a pair of Dutch braids or a samurai ponytail.  

Long Hair: Runner Sport Hair Ties

Long hair comes in all forms, which is why we set out to create sports hair ties that work for every hair length, volume and texture. No matter which style you choose to rock, TIY hair ties hold their own during high-impact activities — and that includes running. Pro runners and Olympians like Colleen Quigley choose TIY to help them reach their running goals every time. 

A major concern with tying hair up for running is that of headaches. Check out this wonderful tutorial by Sophie Blasi on how to have a perky pony without the pain:

Creaseless Hair Ties for Running

We’d bet a pretty penny most of us have had this experience: you need your ponytail to hold its own, but your drugstore hair tie can’t quite make that final loop. If you leave it as-is, you know the moment you start running, that ponytail will droop, so you force it. You stretch that old hair tie within an inch of its life. If you’re lucky, it doesn’t snap, and you force your hair into a chokehold that will hurt like nobody’s business when it’s time to take it out. That’s when you’ll see it. That unsightly crease that’s sure to follow you around until the next time you wash and style your hair.

TIY creaseless hair ties for running are soft and versatile. You can loop our hair ties exactly the way you need them for maximum hold and comfort. When you order TIY Pro hair ties, your product arrives in a compact case with a built-in cutter, so you can custom-size our hair ties on the go.  

Runners: Hairstyles for Men

Men with longer tresses can benefit from many of the same hairstyles that active women rely on. We find that the samurai ponytail offers a great way to keep longer strands out of the face and eyes. Simply gather hair at the crown and secure it with your favorite TIY hair tie. For extra support, a DIY hair tie headband can do the trick, while those with longer hair may want to try out the classic man bun. Check out this great video tutorial by Josh from Beardbrand on How to Style the Ultimate Man Bun

Running Hair Ties: Every Color You Want

We admit it. We’re suckers for gorgeous colors. From TIY Teal to Raspberry Beret, our hair ties can add a vibrant pop of color to your outfit, or they can seamlessly blend into your signature color story. We’re always adding new hues to our repertoire, so you can match your hair tie to your personality, favorite outfit or team colors. Check out our latest color crush, TIY Wine O’ Clock, here.    

Redefining Hair Ties for Runners

Ashley Eisenmenger

Elite paratriathlete and endurance runner Ashley Eisenmenger turns to TIY to help her clock every impressive mile. Ashley was born prematurely, and as a result has dealt with substantial vision loss her entire life. Every week, Ashley completes a variety of training runs that range from long-distance sessions on the road to speedwork on a track. She runs tethered to sighted guides. For long-distance running, Ashley and her guide utilize a bungee cord tied at the waist. When it came to track running, however, finding a tether that worked well was more challenging. Ashley needed something shorter and more versatile than a bungee cord. That’s where TIY comes in. 

Ashley started using TIY strands as a tether for track running. Requiring a highly elastic tether that could be tied around their fingers or simply held in their hands, Ashley redefined the use of our hair ties in a way we never could have imagined — and we love to see it. Here’s what Ashley has to say about TIY custom hair ties:

“I carry them everywhere, I keep them in my various race bags, in my guides’ cars. You name it, there’s probably one there. 

It goes further than a track tether for me though.

As someone with super thick hair, TIY was the hair band I didn’t know I needed. As someone who found confidence through adapting to circumstances, be it my changing vision or redefining the use of a hair product, I’m so lucky to have TIY in my running toolkit.”

Ashley Eisenmenger running with TIY hair ties

Track Runners' Hairstyles

Running hairstyles need to meet certain requirements before we consider them A-list ‘dos in our book. The most obvious, perhaps, is that a running hairstyle needs to be effective at keeping your hair secured. That means no sagging ponytails or braids that fall out because your hair tie quit before you did. With the ability to custom-size TIY hair ties to meet your style needs, you can make our high-quality elastomer core hair ties work for you. Simply tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie according to your hair type.   

The next requirement is that your hairstyle must not cause pain or headaches — no runner has time for that noise. We believe durability and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The founding mission of TIY was to eliminate hair distractions on and off the field — and that includes the distraction of discomfort. Our hair ties are super stretchy and fully customizable. That means no pulling and no headaches, simply adjust the size and number of loops on your hair tie until your hairstyle sits right with you.

Finally, a great running hairstyle leaves your hair as healthy as you are. When it’s time to take your hair out for that glorious post-run shower, you need a style that won’t leave your hair creased, broken or damaged in any way. Aside from the style you choose, your hair tie will have a lot to do with this. Making TIY hair ties damage-free has been part of our mission from the very start.

Best Hair Tie for Running

Ready to level up your active life with the best running hair ties on the market? Browse our selection to SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO today. We’d love it if you joined our community on Instagram and Twitter, and you can always reach out to team TIY with any questions, comments or concerns. Keep your running game strong with TIY — when it’s on, it’s on.

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