Hair Gifts

Hair Gifts

We all know someone who has amazing hair. They’re the person we go out with, and every time, their hair seems to make a statement, attract attention and even express their personal vibe. And let’s be honest— they deserve all that positive attention. They take care of their hair to maintain its pride and joy factor. This holiday season, we’ve put together a list of the best gift ideas for all of your hair-honoring loved ones. 

Best Hair Gifts

What should you give someone who is obsessed with their tresses? The best hair gifts will reflect the person’s lifestyle, priorities and individual nature. Because hair isn’t just hair. It’s an extension of the self and all the expressive details we want to show off to the world. Here are some promising ideas that’ll be sure to spark your shopping inspiration. 

Best Gifts for Natural Hair

The all-natural friend likely styles their hair in all its “as I am” glory. Natural hair wearers want to keep things simple and avoid forcing themselves into shapes that don’t quite fit. 

Silk Pillowcase

Hands down, the best gift for these natural folk would be a silk pillowcase. Because first: who doesn’t want to sleep like royalty? And second: a silky smooth pillow helps keep hair moisture in, tangles at bay and natural texture just as it should be.

TIY Pro Hair Ties 

Hair ties can be a constant issue for people trying to love their real hair. Elastics break, scrunchies don’t fit right and too many brands pull at hair. The soft and customizable TIY hair ties work for any hair thickness, allowing natural strands to breathe while still optimizing hold. 

Crave Naturals Detangling Brush

The biggest buzzkill for natural hair: knots and tangles. Nobody’s got time for that anymore. Gift your friend or family member the relief of easy detangling with this adult- and kid-friendly detangling brush

Best Gifts for Curly Hair

Curly girls (and guys and grandmas and anyone else with curls) basically schedule their lives around their hair. Unless you have curls yourself, you simply won’t know. Trust us. Here are a few must-haves to get your coily, wavy or anywhere-in-between loved one.

Microfiber Towel 

The secret to good curls is treating them well. The not-so-secret enemy to good curls is FRIZZ. Help your curly friend out by giving them a microfiber towel to use straight out of the shower. 

Wide-Tooth Detangler Comb

Curly-haired people can’t whip out any old hairbrush and call it a day. They need specific tools to promote lasting, healthy curls. A good-quality wide-tooth comb is a necessity, and to be honest, they’re easy to go through.

Best Men’s Hair Product Gift Sets

Let’s not forget the men who need hair gifts. To make it straight and to the point: buy him a gift set. 

Murdock No-Fuss Set + Hair Guide

This Murdock hair set has everything a dude needs. Shampoo, texture spray, two styling pastes and a hairstyle guide. As a mid-tier product set, this is a great gift for the man in your life who wants minimal involvement while still keeping his hair reputation high.

Beard Club Beard Growth Kit

Men with killer hair often mean men with well-groomed beards, too. We love it. For the guy in your life with that unforgettable beard, you know he wants a handy beard care set. This one promotes growth, health and shine.

Classy Hair Care Travel Set 

A man on the go needs a solid go-to travel kit, like this one by Triumph & Disaster. It includes all the essentials: shampoo, conditioner, three different styling pucks and a washcloth. It comes in a sleek and sturdy canvas bag, too.

Hair Care Gift Sets

When it comes to hair care, less is more … unless we’re talking about a gift set. Everyone loves receiving one gift that contains multiple products. Here are the gift sets we love.

Gift Set for Healthier Hair

Spoil someone with the Drunk Elephant In the Hair and Now collection. Formulated by the world-loved skincare brand, you’ll be gifting someone healthier hair that starts at the root. Complete with a scalp scrub, shampoo and conditioner. 

Gift Set for Curly Hair

Hair products for curly hair should be sulfate-free and moisturizing. In this Hair Milk Perfect Curls collection, you gift four quality products that fit the bill.

Gift Set for Heat Styling

For someone who’s all about the daily blowdry, gift a styling set that protects hair from the heat. A classic Paul Mitchell Styler Duo set will put a smile on any hairdo-lover’s face. 

Gift Set for Refreshing Hair Care

After the holidays, we could all use some extra rejuvenation. The modern classic tea tree essentials hair care set is loved by many, no matter their age, gender or lifestyle. 

Hair Stylist Gifts

Got a hairstylist in your life? They literally focus on hair every day. We’ve got options for you (and more under the stocking stuffer section!).

Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler

Okay, this gift is everything to a hairdresser. The Airwrap Complete is essentially the holy grail of styling tools by Dyson.

Sassy Hair Stylist Apparel 

If you need a cost-friendly gift, opt for a fun T-shirt like this one. Not only will they love it, but their clients will get a kick out of it, too. 

Hair Care Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes, the best gifts are fun-sized. Here are small and mighty hair care gift ideas to fit in a stocking.

Hair Care Product Stocking Stuffers

The easiest stocking stuffers are the products that add value to people’s lives (and hair).

TIY Pro High-Performance Hair Ties

Custom hair ties are the next hair product everyone with hair needs. Perfectly stocking-sized, cute and “gotta have it” by nature.

Drybar 3-in-1 Styling Spray

No time for an appointment at Drybar? Give the gift of their finishing spray on the go. 

Lush Roots Hair Treatment

For adding volume and definition to dulled-out hair, the LUSH Roots Treatment is a crowd favorite throughout the year. 

Men’s Hair Product Stocking Stuffers

For men or other folks with shorter hair, simple gifts like pomades and serums are perfect for stockings. 

Classic American Crew Hair Fiber 

The classic Crew brand for men’s hair care. You’ve likely seen it on your dad’s or grandpa’s dresser because it’s so widely trusted. They’ll adore it. 

Hello Jupiter Restoring Serum 

For something a little different, give a higher-end restorative oil for short hair and scalp health.

Hairdresser Stocking Stuffers

Smaller, lovable, practical stocking stuffers for that hardworking hairstylist in your life.

Gift Cards

Hairdressers tend to buy products year-round, so gift them something they can use for themselves: a gift card to their favorite cafe, restaurant or local beauty spa.

Professional Dry Section Hair Clips

No hairdresser can ever have enough styling clips. Delight them with the good stuf f— like this professional brand they’ll rave about.

Hair Comb Stocking Stuffers

Hair people are into detangling, most likely more than once per day. A cute comb or brush is a no-brainer gift that’ll keep on giving.

Travel Brush with Case 

Give a super convenient travel brush that can be stashed in a purse or carry-on luggage. 

Thermal Boar Round Brush

Smooth and shiny styling is impossible without a good round brush

Kids’ Stocking Stuffers: Hair Accessories

Kids like hair accessories, too. And if not, well … might as well start the hair care while they’re young. Here are a few hair-inspired ideas to include in your kids’ stockings this year.

Colorful Snap Clips

Classic snap clips that work for any kiddo who needs help keeping that hair out of their face. And food. And crafts. And everything else. 

TIY Basic Hair Ties for Kids

Need help finding smaller hair ties for your little ones? TIY (Tie It Yourself) basic hair ties are fully sizable to your preference. Go as small or as large as you need. 

Ballet Bun Maker

If your child’s in dance class, boost their confidence with these little ballet bun makers.

Hair Accessory Gift Set Ideas

Gift sets, gift sets and more gift sets. We love them. Here are some accessory kits for all your hair freak friends.

Crystal Hair Pins

Bling out someone’s accessories drawer with these crystal and pearl hair pins

TIY Pro Ultimate Hair Tie Set

Giving someone a year’s worth of custom hair ties is the most realistic (and awesome) achievement this holiday season thanks to the TIY pro hair set. Make them into headbands, mask straps or even bracelets. Win-win!

Bloch Bobby Pins

The best of the best, Bloch bobby pins set. Because every woman who uses bobby pins needs more of them, as they somehow always seem to disappear no matter how hard we try to keep track.

TIY Hair Gifts

Loving your TIY hair ties and wanting to gift something special for your hair friends? Here are our top picks:

TIY Gift Cards

Let someone choose which hair ties they want for any occasion. Give them a TIY gift card they can use in a personalized way.

TIY Essentials + Mixed Pro Pack

Go big or go home with the TIY mixed pro pack: natural colors and limited-edition packs that’ll outlast the demands of sport, play, party and style throughout the new year.

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