Hair Ties: Teal Is the Color of FUN!

teal basic 4 pack

Teal is a gorgeous, medium blue-green color that combines the calmness of blue with the energy and vibrance of green. Named for a type of bird with a head stripe of the same color (the Eurasian teal), this hue added to your style repertoire will put a feather in any gal’s cap. 

While teal may refer to multiple shades of cyan, our TIY Teal hair ties are bright and beautiful. Stand out on the field, at the office or on a coffee date with our custom elastic hair ties. We’re not kidding when we say teal is the color of fun.   

Teal Hair Ties

TIY teal hair tie basic

Teal hair ties stand out in the crowd of boring hair accessories. Our TIY Teal hair ties come in two varieties: TIY Basic and TIY Pro. Here’s the difference:

  • TIY Basic is 36 inches long and can make as many as six individual hair ties. Custom cut the perfect length for your hair and then rock your style with confidence. Shop TIY Teal in Basic now!
  • TIY Pro is 41 inches long and can make up to six custom hair ties for any hair type. TIY Pro hair ties arrive in a compact case with a handy hair tie cutter built in for custom sizing on the go. You can cut your TIY hair tie to make one, two or four loops, depending on the length and volume of your hair. Mix and match singles in any of our vibrant TIY colors or save on  a 4-, 8- or 12-pack. Shop TIY Teal in Pro now!

Teal Pro Hair Ties

TIY hair ties were inspired by athletes from the very beginning. Designed to minimize hair distractions on the field, our hair ties provide no-nonsense hold and damage-free style, no matter the occasion. Our TIY Teal Pro hair ties can be custom cut on the go. With a compact case that’s easy to locate in any athlete’s bag, you can be the hair hero on your team.  

Hair Ties for Athletes

TIY is proudly endorsed by incredible athletes and Olympians like Colleen Quigley. Our TIY hair ties can be cut to make up to four loops for maximum hold in strenuous situations. Our TIY tribe is full of active go-getters who love to share their support, everyday inspiration and hair tips to help you succeed on and off the field. 

Fashion Hair Ties

Hair tie fashion comes in many forms. Whether you’re using hair ties to create a pop of color or to bring your whole look together, these glorious loops are a far cry from simply being just functional. While TIY hair ties are high-performance hair ties first, they’re also highly fashionable. Add a bold splash of fun to any style with a custom TIY hair tie head band, or combine colors to create your own TIY hair tie bracelet

Turquoise Hair Ties

Teal and turquoise are often used interchangeably as color names. These hues are closely related, with turquoise being just a tad lighter than teal within the blue-green color family. If you’re on the hunt for turquoise hair ties, TIY Teal hair ties will do the trick beautifully. 

Aqua Hair Ties

Find your inner mermaid with aqua hair ties that won’t quit on you. TIY Teal is the perfect ocean-inspired hue to get you in the mood for summer. 

Blue Green Hair Ties

Blue green hair ties like TIY Teal pair well with vibrant, colorful outfits. You can also use TIY Teal to draw the eye to your hairstyle as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral outfit, like black.  

How to Tie Hair Sparkles

Hair sparkles or hair tinsel add a hint of magic to your tresses. Best applied to slightly damp hair, hair sparkles can be tied by creating a slip knot and threading two or three strands of hair through the loop before securing it. 

tiy teal pro single

Get the Best Hair Tie in Teal

TIY hair ties were developed and tested for two years to ensure they’re the best teal hair tie out there. Don’t just take our word for it — check out our awesome reviews.

How to Tie Your Hair in a Bun

If you need a bun in a cinch, try this: hold your hair in a ponytail position with one hand and twist it until you can wrap your hair into a bun. Use your free hand to tie your bun in place with as many loops as necessary. 

Are Scrunchies Better Than Hair Ties?

The ‘80s called — they want their hair accessories back. The scrunchie has its place in history, along with fanny packs, neon spandex and the mullet. If you’re serious about locking your style in with soft, durable and damage-free hair ties, TIY is the way to go. You owe it to your hair.   

How to Tie Up Hair Without Damaging (Hint: It’s TIY)

Tie up your hair damage-free with TIY Teal hair ties. Our hair ties are soft, durable and perfect for any hair length, type or texture. Athlete-tested and glam girl-approved, TIY hair ties can do it all.

We love our TIY Tribe, and it’s always growing! To join the movement, follow us on Instagram or check out our YouTube channel for hair tips, style inspiration and support from some of the most inspirational folks out there. Shop TIY hair ties today for hair ties that are as resilient as you are.

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