Keep Calm and Tie Up Your Hair

Keep Calm and Tie Up Your Hair

Let’s face it. The last few years have been difficult for many of us. On top of everyday stressors, the news cycles playing out on the backdrop of a global pandemic has made one thing clear: our mental health matters in a MAJOR way. 

Our community is strong, supportive and resilient. We take great comfort knowing that in moments of chaos, tying up your hair is always a good place to start before facing a challenge head-on. Keep reading to learn creative ways your TIY hair ties can help anchor, soothe and inspire you this year.

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Hair Ties and Meditation

The benefits of regular meditation practice are undeniable. Whether you get your moment of peace through a meditation app, a guided YouTube video or communal meditation sessions, the ability to focus is key.

TIY was founded with the mission to eliminate hair distractions in sports. Our hair ties have met that goal and soared far beyond it. We never could have imagined how TIY hair ties would resonate with individuals from all walks of life, helping countless people focus on what matters most to them.

Our no-slip, damage-free hair ties provide maximum support for your hair without the pain or discomfort that could ruin a good mantra moment. No matter the length, volume or texture you rock, you can custom-size our hair ties until they work for you.  

A Hair Tie Bracelet as an ‘Anchor’

We feel deeply inspired by personal growth coach Jennie, who reached out to let us know she uses TIY hair tie bracelets to help “anchor” her clients in all the goodness that surrounds them. 

Jennie recently sent each individual client different colors from our collection and had them imprint their goals and visions for 2022 into their bracelets. Because they will always have their hair tie bracelets with them, they serve as a reminder of their goals.

Jennie added that TIY hair ties are not only the “most amazing hair ties” she’s ever worn for her curly hair, but that they’re great therapeutic exercise tools.  

Ready to make your own hair tie bracelet to help anchor you in moments of doubt? Check out this DIY hair tie bracelet tutorial.

Therapeutic Exercises with Hair Ties

Custom hair ties are the perfect material for therapeutic exercises like coach Jennie’s bracelet anchor technique. Here’s why:  

Hair Tie Colors

By selecting the perfect TIY colors that make your heart sing, it’s easy to honor your inner world and preferences. With a vibrant, wide selection of colorways at your fingertips, you can assign symbolic meaning to each color you weave into your anchor.

Durable Hair Ties

Working with high-quality, durable hair ties ensures that your anchor will stay with you through thick and thin. With colors that won’t fade and hair ties that won’t snap, you can count on TIY as a trustworthy sidekick on your journey to inner peace.

Versatile Custom Hair Ties

Our hair ties are fully customizable. That means you can cut the perfect length of hair tie to craft not only an anchor bracelet, but a DIY hair tie headband, key chain embellishment or decorative mantra reminder to take with you wherever you go.

Mental Health is Whole Health: Additional Hair Tie Ideas

We love a good self-care moment, but the bath and candles, book and tea or face mask and massage are just the cherries on top. 

True self-care starts with our mental health. Daily self-care practices like journaling, meditation and connecting with loved ones can all help bring you back into your zone of resilience. 

Custom hair ties are so versatile, they make for excellent materials when it comes to crafting tools that can help us manage anxiety and stay in the moment. Check it out.  

Self-Soothing: Hair Tie Fidget Spinner

Self-soothing techniques can help quell anxiety. By keeping our hands or fingers busy, we can direct nervous energy into a soothing task. Fidget spinners are wildly popular for this exact reason. 

Less known, perhaps, are the ways you can use custom hair ties to enhance the experience. Personalize your fidget spinner by weaving or wrapping its blades with your favorite hair tie colors — just be sure to leave enough room near the center to allow for free motion. Adding this extra dash of texture and color makes for a truly soothing tactile experience.     

Hair Tie as a Meditation or Mantra Reminder

A good mantra serves as a pathway into a fulfilling meditation experience. By giving your mind a soothing mantra to focus on, you can calm your thoughts and stay in the moment. Mantra beads are a great way to keep you centered on your practice. 

Beads can be strung onto a length of elastic, such as TIY. During your meditation practice, you can move your fingers onto a bead, complete a full breath or mantra repetition and move on to the next bead. 

The type and number of beads will depend on your practice. Mala beads are a type of prayer bead sometimes used as a mindfulness aid with no religious affiliation. 

Another technique is to place a number of hair ties around an item like a bottle. Gather them at the top, moving or rolling each hair tie down to the bottom as you repeat your mantra and take deep breaths. 

Simplicity and Security: Meet TIY

Simple tools and exercises can help us stay calm during challenging life moments. By serving as reminders of our inner strength, a mediation aid or anchor like a hair tie bracelet can help restore our sense of safety and security. We love to see it.

How do you take care of your mental health? Let us know in the comments!  

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