Custom Hair Ties

TIY custom hair ties

What does it mean to have a custom hair tie? Signature style, ultimate flexibility or maximum comfort? Here’s what it means to us: all of the above, and then some. TIY custom hair ties work for you, no matter what size and color hair tie you need or which hair type you rock. 

We designed our hair ties with a high-quality elastomer core that offers all of the stretch and none of the headaches (literal and otherwise) that come with generic hair ties. When you order our product, you can cut a strand of TIY to the perfect length you need for your hair and hairstyle. Then, simply tie a one-loop, two-loop or four-loop hair tie according to your needs. 

Hair Ties: Customizable for Every Hair Type

TIY is all about inclusivity, which is why we set out to create customizable hair ties for every hair type. That means whether you have thick, thin, curly or textured hair, you can make TIY work for you. Our hair ties are super soft and versatile, which means healthier, happier hair and styling options that don’t just look great, but stay in place during high-impact activities. 

Custom Cloth Hair Ties

Custom cloth hair ties can range from scrunchies to ribbon-style hair ties. While these kinds of hair accessories are often turned to as a damage-free alternative to elastic hair ties, they simply don’t stand the test of holding up during rigorous activities. TIY hair ties were created to solve the problem of hair distractions in sports. Our creators noticed how often athletes — particularly women in sports — had to pause and fix their hair. After setting out on a journey to design the best damage-free sports hair ties, TIY was tested out in the field for two years. The verdict? They work. Trust us. TIY hair ties made it all the way to the Olympics this year.

Customize Ribbon Hair Ties

Ribbon hair ties can add a flare of super cute detail to your look, but here’s what’s not so cute: hair damage, hair tie creases and a hairstyle that falls out by midday. The good news is that with TIY, you never have to choose between style and substance. Recreate the ribbon hair tie look with TIY instead, and get the best of both worlds by incorporating a bow tie knot into your hair tie. 

Team Hair Ties

TIY Pro hair ties are the ultimate sports team hair ties. These babies arrive as a 42-inch strand of TIY, nestled in a compact case with a built-in hair tie cutter. Easy to find in any athletic bag, TIY Pro allows for custom hair tie sizing on-the-go. That means whether you’re in the locker room or courtside, you can always help a teammate out or craft an extra hair tie to help keep your head in the game. 

Club Hair Ties

With so many vibrant color options, it’s easy to match TIY custom hair ties to team colors, club uniforms or organizational associations. Show off your club pride or enjoy team-building activities, like crafting custom hair tie headbands or making DIY hair tie bracelets.

Matching Hair Ties

Whether you’re into matching your hair tie to your mood or your teammates, we’ll make it happen. Our wide selection of gorgeous hues allows you to use your hair tie as a bright pop of accent color against a neutral outfit or to craft a seamless, unified look that blends in with the rest of your outfit. Match your bestie or stand out in a crowd — the choice is yours.

Style Hair Ties

TIY hair ties can be used in so many ways that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Whether you need a simple hair tie for the classic ponytail or a safe way to secure box braids, messy buns or dreadlocks, you can rock TIY from the gym to the red carpet. 

How to Make Custom Hair Ties

We love it when our TIY Tribe members use our custom hair ties to create a signature look. When you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you gain access to video tutorials from our amazing ambassadors across the globe. Need a dash of hair inspo on the spot? Peep some of our favorites:

Check out TIY ambassador Sophie Blasi sharing how to create a custom hair tie and get a headache-free, perky ponytail every time:

We love this video tutorial by TIY co-founder Andrea Nucete-Elliott showcasing five updos you can try with TIY:

Customizable Hair Ties: TIY, Baby!

When it comes to custom hair ties, it’s TIY for the win. If you’re ready to ditch subpar hair accessories and level up, SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO now. Don’t forget to check out our Instagram and Twitter pages, and feel free to share your own hair journey in the comments below — we love to hear it.

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