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Our hair is not a one-size-fits-all matter. Every gal knows it takes time and patience to figure out what works best for that mighty mane. Whether you rock a messy bun, a high ponytail or box braids, you need versatile, high-quality hair accessories in your arsenal. 

Here’s the scoop: TIY hair ties were designed to help athletes eliminate hair distractions. With this guiding principle, we created a highly durable product that’s super soft, doesn’t stretch out or break and won’t damage your hair. TIY hair ties can be cut to the perfect length you need to secure your favorite style, no matter your hair length, type or texture. With the ability to tie it yourself — and a wide range of gorgeous, vibrant colors — you can create a signature look with cute hair ties in no time.  

Cute Hair Ties for Thick Hair

Thick, luscious locks bring a unique set of challenges to the table when it comes to styling. No one wants to deal with a sagging ponytail or a too-small hair tie stretched within an inch of its life. Snapping elastics, headaches and styles that won’t stay put are no strangers to those with thick hair. 

From phone cord and spiral hair ties to scrunchies, what’s out there simply doesn’t cut it. That’s why we designed our hair ties with a high-quality elastomer core. Then, we tested them out on the athletic field for two years until we were certain we created the best hair ties for thick hair.  

Hair Ties for Fine Hair

Fine hair is prone to breakage. That means extra caution is key when selecting hair accessories like hair clips, pins and hair ties. Elastic bands may seem like the answer for holding hair in place, but when it’s time to take out that ponytail, we can already hear the painful crackle of your hair breaking. 

Some hair ties are held together with glue, others with a small metal clasp. Both spell disaster for fine hair. Delicate locks require extra TLC. With our soft and gentle materials, you can custom size your hair tie to get it just right. Need inspiration? Check out these hairstyles for fine hair.

Hair Ties for Normal Hair

Not too thick, not too thin — normal hair sits right in the middle. That doesn’t mean you can’t — or shouldn’t — tailor your hair accessories to your needs. Even those with normal hair have surely felt the sting of a hair tie that snaps right when you need it the most, or the frustration of hair ties that just won’t reach that final loop. All too often, we end up settling for a hold that’s too loose, or we force that last loop into a headache-inducing grip that’s so tight, it’s impossible to take out without damaging our hair. 

We love the endless versatility of our cute hair ties. From tiny loops to jumbo hair ties, TIY can do it all. No more straining to force your hair into a ponytail. You can make TIY hair ties work for you, no matter what. We’re here to say it loud and proud: TIY makes the best hair ties for normal hair.

Hair Ties for Textured Hair

The TIY team is passionate about providing a hair tie product that works for all hair types. We’re pretty sure we nailed it, if we do say so ourselves. Our hair ties are gentle and adaptable, making them the best hair tie for every hair texture

The TIY community spans the globe, and we love the way our members provide support, inspiration and encouragement to one another. Just check out this awesome video on how to put curly hair in a bun in 30 seconds.

Cute Hair Ties for Braided Hair

From French braids to box braids, we love a good set of woven locks. TIY can be cut and tied into tiny loops, perfect for tying off braided ends. For those rocking a braided protective style, our hair ties can be custom sized to help secure those gorgeous twists in a bun, ponytail or with a DIY hair tie headband.  

Best Hair Ties for My Hair Type

The glory of TIY hair ties lies in their versatility. Not only can you cut and custom size your cute hair tie, you can tie it to start out with as many loops as you need. When it comes to making your TIY hair tie work for your specific hair sitch, we recommend a single-loop TIY for fine hair, a double-loop hair tie for medium hair and a four-loop hair tie for thick hair. 

Ready to browse our selection? SHOP TIY BASIC or SHOP TIY PRO to level up your hair game. Not sure what your locks need? Don’t sweat it! When you visit our website, you’ll be greeted with a helpful pop-up quiz about your tresses. Just fill that baby out to get our hair type-specific newsletter delivered to your inbox. Don’t forget to join our community on Instagram and Twitter for helpful hair tips and feel free to reach out to team TIY with any questions.

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