Normal Hair: Best Hair Ties When Your Hair is Just ... Well ... Normal!

Normal Hair: Best Hair Ties When Your Hair is Just ... Well ... Normal!

Thick, thin, curly or textured — fabulous hair comes in all forms, and we’re here for it. It can take research, trial and error and more than a few tears to get a handle on our unique tresses. But what about hair that’s right in the middle? Read on to learn more about how to care for hair defined as “normal.” 

Average Hair: Not Too Thick, Not Too Thin

Normal hair is defined as hair that is neither too dry, nor too oily. This hair type is soft to the touch and easy to style. While those with especially thin, brittle or dry hair will need to invest in shampoos, deep conditioners and special hair care products specifically designed for their hair type, those with average hair can usually get away with general hair care products. That said, normal hair still needs some TLC. 

tiy hair tie cutter

Bad hair habits and poorly designed hair accessories can still wreak havoc on those lovely locks. TIY hair ties were made to accommodate any hair type. Our custom hair ties were designed by athletes and tested for two years to make sure they provide the damage-free hair support you need. TIY was born out of the need for pro athletes to lock their hair in place, no matter what. By removing hair distractions, TIY helps you keep your head in the game on and off the field. Manufactured with a high-quality elastomer core, our hair ties won’t stretch out or break.

Types of Hair Ties

Many have tried to achieve what TIY hair ties offer (and failed miserably). From phone cord hair ties to rubber bands and coils, the various types of hair ties on the market simply aren’t worth the hype when it’s time to deal with the aftermath of damaged hair.   

Phone Cord Hair Ties

Phone cord hair ties were literally inspired by those old-school phone cords that connected the body of a phone to its handset way, way back in the day. Yes — ancient  history. While phone cord hair products like Teleties might make for a fun throwback wrist accessory, they don’t belong in your hair. The clumsy coils on these hair ties will inevitably stretch out — that is, after your hair gets so tangled up in them, you might need to break it yourself just to salvage your locks. Not. Worth. It.

TIY hair ties are completely versatile and damage-free. If you enjoy the idea of sporting hair ties on your wrist for fashionable, on-the-go hair support whenever you need it, you can make your own custom hair tie bracelet.      

Hair Rubber Bands

Eek! If you’ve ever tried removing rubber band hair ties from your mane after a long day, you understand what pain is. Chances are, some of your hair came out right along with it. Rubber band hair ties pull your hair far too aggressively, causing hair damage that can take months to grow out and heal.   

Coil Hair Ties

Coiled or spiral hair ties can leave your hair dented and damaged. Aside from the danger of getting hair caught between spirals, coil hair ties will stretch out quickly. They’re also made of plastic, which means they’re not just terrible for your hair, they’re bad for the planet, too. 

Best Hair Ties to Prevent Breakage

tiy hair ties in every color

The best hair ties to prevent breakage are those that are soft, durable and fully customizable. Pro TIY hair ties arrive as a long strand that you can custom cut to the perfect size for your hair. No more stretching hair ties to their breaking point just to fit that ponytail, and no more hair styles that quit on you by midday. 

Hair Ties for Healthy Hair

TIY hair ties work for all hair types. We like to think of our custom hair ties as hair insurance for healthy hair. For tips on how to manage thin hair, check out our blog post on Hairstyles for Thin Hair. If your hair is of the thick persuasion, this one on the Best Hair Ties for Thick Hair is for you. TIY hair ties also work wonders on textured hair — take a look at our post on the Best Hair Ties For Every Texture to learn more. 

Buy Colorful Hair Ties

TIY hair ties are available in a wide range of vibrant colors. TIY Basic is 36 inches in length and can make up to six individual hair ties. SHOP TIY BASIC NOW. TIY Pro is 41 inches in length and comes in a compact case with a built-in cutter for your convenience. SHOP TIY PRO NOW

TIY thrives on our community of bold, supportive individuals. Join the TIY Tribe on Instagram and Facebook, and don’t forget to check out our Youtube channel for tutorials and hair inspiration for all.

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